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200lb Mako Goes Ballistic

Welcome to our Capn Jack's Sportfishing


300lb Class Mako poses for camera.

The water off Southern California from Los Angeles to San Diego is home to a world class shark fishery. Mako shark, thresher shark and blue shark abound in these waters. Whether it's a scrappy blue shark on light tackle, the hard running thresher, or the high jumping mako, shark fishing is a thrill that no other fishing can offer. They are the West Coasts only big game fish. For over 20 years in Southern California we have been leading anglers to these great game fish, let us do the same for you. With 3 boats to choose from and a variety of trip lengths and prices, there is bound to be one for you.  

For more info call (619)559-5930 or email capnjackv@hotmail.com

 Spectacular fishing for Monster Makos right now.

The last 4 days of fishing have been as good as it gets with anglers releasing 6 makos from 200 to 850lbs. We also hooked and lost 2 others of 400 and 700lbs.

Estimated 850lb mako released 6/2/15

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