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Blue Shark

Blue sharks can be caught year round but best fishing is from May through September. Blues in our waters range from around10lbs up to 100lbs with occasional larger ones encountered. These are fished from a drifting boat while chumming and  are great sport on light or spinning tackle. Our largest to date 300lbs +. Blue sharks are always released.

Thresher Shark

Late April through May is the best time for threshers. Our threshers are big, strong and a good fight on any tackle. They will often jump when hooked. The threshers in our waters go from around 100lbs on up to over 500lbs. Our largest to date is 425lbs, but we have hooked larger. We generally target threshers by trolling. Thresher is a great eating fish so we do allow groups to keep one thresher per trip.

Mako Shark

May through Sept. is the season for makos with the best time being June through August. This is our favorite game fish. One of the fastest fish in the sea, the mako is the undisputed jumping champion. Often launching up to 20ft in the air. The makos in San Diego waters are juveniles that go to around 200lbs, the average fish is under 100lbs. These fish are caught drifting and chumming. We target larger makos around the Channel Islands and in Santa Monica Bay. While the average fish in these waters is still under 100lbs, fish in the 500lb to 1000lb class are often encountered. Our best is estimated around 1000lbs but again, we have seen and hooked larger makos. The mako is a fine food fish and we do allow one per boat per day.

Catch and Release
Sharks are fairly numerous at times in our waters, there are days when we hook 10 or more makos. They are, because of their life cycle, susceptible to over fishing.  For this reason we only allow charters to keep one thresher or mako per trip. Of course if you want to go 100% catch and release that is fine with us too.